Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dream Interpretation. I'm attempting to create a story with my present photo project. With the help of a couple different Dream Dictionaries, I am including subjects that symbolize certain things within a dream.  I enjoy horror, not because of any sort of pain but because it is so fun creating something that posses such shock power with a simple dab of halloween blood. Being able to communicate a strong feeling or vibe in my photos is what makes me satisfied with a photoshoot.  Its amazing to me how photography acts as a simple time machine capturing a moment in time. 
Starting out my dream project has so far been a blast. Stadged photography is a gorgeous thing. Just ten steps away into the art studio and I suddenly felt as though I was a film director capturing a story. I seem to keep the intention of  getting minds wondering. I strive to create art that inspires people even more. I want to create things that will remind viewers of their own personal experiences and memories that my art triggers. 
COLOR|Horror|Toys|Childhood|Relationships|Memories|LivingThings|Unnoticed&/or SeeminglyUntouchedInanimateObjects 

Love, Jenni 

Can anyone explain how I include my link on the photoblog? 
It's all so new! Ahhhhhhh! Yet intriguing. 

The rest of these are the days before I met the love of my life, my Nikon D40.  Also before I knew most of these are poorly photoshopped

Power to the Kodak Point&Shoot!